Vision of the Creator

Posted by Okiemute Ejoh on

My name is Okiemute Ejoh, pronounced (Oh-Key-Ay-Mu-Tay) (Eh-Jaw). I am of nigerian birth, as the name indicates, and I grew up in the united states. 

About a few years ago, a friend of mine introduced me to my first ever ccg game "Hearthstone." Being someone who've always enjoyed playing mmorpgs like Forsaken World and arpgs like Path Of Exile, because of their freedom and depth in character customizations, Hearthstone, a collectible cards game that offer players the ability to create unique decks out of any cards of their choosing, drew me in immediately. It was a breath of fresh air for someone like me. 

After playing Hearthstone for a couple years and creating all kinds of decks, as I was never a person who enjoyed playing decks created by others, as the deck building aspect of the game was what drew me in, I realised that some cards in the game were either too weak for most decks or are completely useless in the game. I also never really enjoyed the gambling like RNG(Random Number Generator) mechanic of the game, even though it was a very fun experience.

So I started venturing into other ccgs on the market, before I found MTG:Arena, one of the best games I've played in a long time. It had both the deck building expertience that loved about Hearthstone, with even more freedom in deck building, and also gameplay that was fully dependent on strategies, instead of RNGs. 

But while playing MTG over a couple years, I realised that I wanted something more. Something that I haven't experienced before in the ccg market, but have experienced in the game Path Of Exile. That thing is a very in-depth customization feature that is in every aspect of the game. I wanted to experience a game where every card is useful, every card is a "legendary" card. A game where players can fully customize their decks to be truly unique. 

That is why I created the game Ragnarok: Dawn Of The Heavens' Massacre. It is a game about a story world that I love, which gods, immortal cultivators, devils, demons, fight to take control over. The game has some basic mechanics from MTG:Arena, as I didn't want to re-invent the wheel. It also has a lot of in-depth customization features available right now and upcoming, that give players complete control over almost every aspect of the game. 

Players can choose from four different aspects(copies) of each card. Each creature in the game has a large amount of different copies with different effects to choose from. There are iconic heroes of each expansion with their own unique stories, skills, and abilities that players can choose to include in their decks or not. There are also upcoming features that allow players playing the same decks to make different choices within the game. The game is envisioned to be a universe of cards where players can create decks that are truly uniquely their own, battle their enemies, and have fun every step of the way.